dimecres, 26 d’octubre de 2011


Hello boys and girls! 
Today we will work on the MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION here on the computers. 
Here I leave some links, hope you have fun!

Clicking on HERE you will find lots of videos, songs and games about means of transportation. From Sesame Street!

Clicking on HERE you'll drive a bus trough a maze. Take care!

Click on HERE and find the differences between the two taxis!

Click on HERE and take the paper plane onto the landing mark!

Click on HERE and help Kwala to meet Boowa at the boat!

Can you see the differences between the two boats? Click on HERE!

HERE you can colour a Viking boat!

Click on HERE and join the numbers... What's on the water?

Do you like puzzles? HERE you can join a train's puzzle!

HERE you can colour a town with a taxi!

Repair a bike finding the differences HERE!

HERE you can listen to a funny song!

HERE you will become a racing driver!

A plane slide puzzle HERE

A train slide puzzle HERE

A bus slide puzzle HERE and HERE